Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

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Africa: Group Of 52 Countries, World’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent in the world that is Africa. Africa is rich in cultural heritage and diversity, a wealth of natural resources, offers breathtaking tourist attractions. Arica also known for refugees.

Africa is a continent of extremes. It’s extremely large, extremely dry, extremely poor, and extremely young. In africa there are total 54 countries. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and Algeria is the largest country by area. The most richest country in Africa is Guinea. Africa: Group Of 52 Countries, the GDP per capita is $30,200. Botswana is second with a GDP of $15,800. Coming in last is Zimbabwe at $200 per year. Africa’s largest country is Sudan. It has a total area of 967,940 square miles (2.5 million km2). The smallest country on the continent is The Seychelles, which is an island nation covering just 453 km2 (175 miles2). Chad has the second fastest growing economy in the world.


The most developed African countries are:

Namibia: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Experts project real GDP growth at 4.3 percent in 2014.

South Africa: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

The government is struggling to achieve monetary and fiscal discipline in order to ensure economic growth and redistribution of wealth.

Botswana:Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Botswana’s economic progress over the last four decades has transformed the living standards of its people. But there is still a poverty issue in rural areas.

Egypt:Egypt is taking steps to reduce poverty in their country. It is targeting subsidies to the needy segments of the society. It is also working on bolstering its social justice agenda.



Gabon is the fifth largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa. The government is working towards diversifying the economy, creating jobs, building capacities and introducing social safety nets.



Mauritius become the most competitive economy in sub-Saharan Africa. However, structural bottlenecks in education have to be dealt with.

Africa also known for world’s illiterate countries. Let see some of them.

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

South Sudan:

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

South Sudan still has the highest rate of illiteracy in the world. The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s youngest nation and Africa’s 55th country. The education system of South Sudan is still the major issue of this country. South Sudan has a literacy rate of 31.9%. South Sudan also a under the list of most corrupted country in the world.


Africa: Group Of 52 CountriesNigeria:

Niger faces challenges from poverty and poor access to schools which is located on Sub-Saharan nation in West Africa. In Niger between the age of seven and fifteen the education is compulsory. Due to lack of education system Niger has one of the lowest literacy rate in the world with 19.1%. This African country has one of the least literacy percentages globally



Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Benin is a African country. Only 38.4% of Benin people are literate. The education system of Benin is so poor. Due to economically or financially crisis the infrastructure of this country was also not so good.  In this economically unsteady country, poor education system takes place to get many children with no education.


Central African Republic: 


Central African Republic stands in comparison to other low and middle income countries in access to education. Just 36.8% are literate.


Guinea: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Guinea situated on west coast of Africa. 85% of population is muslims in this country. Guinea’s  literacy rate is one of the lowest in the world. Just  41% of adults were literate, where 52% of males and 30% of females. Most children  of Guinea  do not attend the school, and many do not go to school at all. Children, particularly girls, are kept out of school in order to assist their parents with domestic work or agriculture,  or to be married. Also Guinea has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world

Liberia: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Only  47.6% people of Liberia is educated. In which  62.42% male is educated and 32.81% female is educated. Liberia is the oldest country of Africa. Only two-thirds of all illiterate adults are women. The majority of the women live in West Africa, where many girls never get the chance to go to school.


Mali: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

The litearacy rate of Mali is 38.7%  where the literacy rate of male is 48.2% and  female is 29.2%.  Most of the people there are below poverty level. In this economically unsteady country, poor education system takes place to get many children with no education. Many families are not able to buy books or uniforms. Due to poverty and low literacy rate Mali provide free education. In Mali between the age of seven and sixteen education is compulsory.


Ethiopia: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Only 39% of Ethiopian are literate. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the continent of Africa. The government spends only up to 2% of its income on education. This African country has one of the least literacy percentages globally. From above points we can say that  education is not an attracting matter in Ethiopia.


Chad: Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Only 40.2% people of Chad are literate. The Chadian Civil War also posed problems to education. Lack of security in vast parts of the country has made it difficult to send teachers to their posts and to maintain them there. Moreover, the continuing crisis of war and the famine Chad has suffered the main causes of illiteracy there. They basically offered the country a poor education system. The squat literacy rates confirm that the social and economic disasters and the civil war plagued Chad.
World top 10 poorest countries are also belongs to Africa:


Congo:(Poverty rank 1) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Congo located in Africa  and Congo is the most poorest, poverty countries in world. Current gdp is 400$.


Burundi:(Poverty rank2) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Burundi located in Africa  and Burundi is the most poorest, countries in world. Current gdp is $600.


Somalia:(Poverty rank 3) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Somalia  located in Africa  and Somalia is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $600.


Zimbabwe:(Poverty rank 4) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Zimbabwe  located in Africa  and Zimbabwe is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $600.


Central African Republic:(Poverty rank 5)

Central African Republic  located in Africa  and Central African Republic is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $700.


Liberia:(Poverty rank 6) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Liberia located in Africa  and Liberia is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $700.


Niger:(Poverty rank 7) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Niger located in Africa  and Niger is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $800.


Malawi:(Poverty rank 8) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Malawi located in Africa  and Malawi is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $900.


Madagascar:(Poverty rank 9) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Madagascar located in Africa  and Madagascar is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $1,000.


Guinea:(Poverty rank 10) Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Guinea located in Africa  and Guinea is the most poorest countries in world. Current gdp is $1,100.

Let us know some important facts about Africa and North Africa:

  • Arabic is spoken by 170 million people on the continent, followed in popularity by English (130 million), Swahili (100), French (115), Berber (50), Hausa (50), Portuguese (20) and Spanish (10). Africa: Group Of 52 Countries
  • Almost 40% of adults in Africa are illiterate – two-thirds are women.

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries


  • Over 25 million people are HIV-positive
  • The Second Congo War claimed over 5.4 million lives and is the deadliest worldwide conflict since World War II.
  • There are fewer people with internet connections in Africa.
  • Approximately 90% of all cases of malaria worldwide occur in Africa, accounting for 24% of all child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The telecommunication system in Africa are so worst.
  • Africa’s highest point is Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
  • Islam is the dominant religion in Africa. Christianity is the second. Arabic is also the most widely-spoken language in Africa.
  • Nigeria has the highest population (154.7 million people) in Africa. This represents 18% of Africa’s total population.
  • The Victoria Falls, located along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
  • The Sahara is the largest desert in the world and is bigger than the continental USA.
  • Africa is the world’s hottest continent with deserts and drylands covering 60% of land surface area.
  • Africa is the world’s second driest continent (after Australia).
  • Nigeria is fourth largest oil exporter in the world.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26 per cent of the world’s refugee population.
  • Africa has eight of the 11 major biomes and the largest-remaining populations of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah, hyena, leopard and hundreds of other species.
  • Four of five fastest land animals resides in Africa, The Cheetah, The Wilebeest, The Lion and the Thomas Gazelle.
  • Sudan has more than 200 pyramids double the number of pyramids found in Egypt.
  • The continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves.
  • 3000 distinct ethnic groups in Africa, Nigeria alone has more than 370 recognised tribes with in its population.
  • Top 10 oil producers in Africa are Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Africa.

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