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Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully , We people love abbreviations. So with me this is at least so: If I want something…

And then I am really and truly so naive to believe that it really is. I really think I only have to read a book or blog article, just have to practice new things once or twice, just have to go to a seminar or just need a coaching session, and then everything will be fine.

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RICH IS IMPORTANT: TO DO THE RIGHT AND TO FALSE, Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
An online business is not rocket science. It is predictable, realizable and repeatable. You can actually make a lot of money (and maybe even get rich) and it works after a certain time then also by itself, quasi on Autopilot.
And all those who fail with an online business fail for your reason: Because they do not do the work that needs to be done. Because they hope that there will be abbreviations to be successful and rich. Abbreviations to become rich. But they do not exist.
There are just a few steps that work.
In the following, you’ll find the guidelines that show you steps that you need to go, but of course not every step in detail. Otherwise it would not be a blog article, but an eCourse.
1) FIND A THEME, YOUR NICHE AND YOUR BRAND: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
It seems obvious, however, is already the first obstacle.
• “I blog about personality development”
• “I blog about General”
• “I blog about things that concern me”
• “I blog about fashion and so”
Ah, well, now we know each other. Find your topic and your niche and be as specific as possible! (Here is an article about “niche”, here a podcast about “brand”)

2) KNOW THE PASSION: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
I know suffering is a bad word, but it’s just like it is. People visit the Internet for two reasons: to be entertained or to get a question answered or get a


problem solved. If you know your subject, your niche, then you also know the biggest problem that people have with this topic. Never write a blog article without knowing the pain. (But please, do not use the pressure of your customer, do not run on it and make use of it.)
3) SOLVING A PROBLEM: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
Also obvious, but also mostly forgotten. Blogger blogging so rum rum. If you want to build your lifestyle business with a blog, then you solve a problem of your readers. Otherwise, you’re just a web journalist who teaches facts. When people visit your blog and leave with the feeling of having gone a step further, they come back. A blog article that does not solve any problems is a bad blog article. Point. Off, the mouse. Aja, if it has not yet been rumored: A blog is an important factor for your lifestyle Business:

4) EXCEPTIONS: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
More than 50 million WordPress blogs are available on the web. I do not have to say more. If you really believe it is enough if you write about a topic and then hearses of people come to your blog just because YOU provide the information, then you are a naive little naive. Actually incredibly naive. Always answer the following question: “Why should people come to my blog and not to the over 50 million others?” Just how will you be outstanding? Here are we again in the term brand? Here you will find “Become a Brand”. These are my strategies, how I have built my personal brand (works also for coaches – sorry sometimes insider jokes have to be easy)

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5) SUPPLY REGULAR LEGENDARY CONTENT: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
What is legendary content, we have already worked together here. However, this is about the benefit and the solving of problems. Without exception. Especially at the beginning is the supply of regular content important. Important for you (to make sure you are an expert on your topic)Important for your customers and readers (to help you believe this expert status) Important for Google (Because Google likes it when regularly new content appears)I always have to smile when bloggers say, “Oh, I write when I’m after. I write when I have something to say etc. This is not always regularly “I find exciting. Would surely be interesting to see what these people do when the bus does not come up to wait for them every morning. Or the daily newspaper does not appear today. Or the best friend just does not come to date and sits there a day later. Has the dime fallen? If you want to build a relationship with your readers, they must be able to rely on you.

And then – sorry it is unfortunately so – you judge your readers and not vice versa.

6) SPLASH THE EMBASSY: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
An article is relatively quickly written. Ok, some need a little longer, others go faster, but I do not want to go out. Once the article is finished, the work begins. So do not lean back. Every article that you are proud of and which your readers bring forward must be disseminated, promoted, advertised. And the day-to-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. Here comes something in the game that makes successful online self-employed, namely, consistency and self-discipline.

7) QUESTION OF YOUR READER: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
As soon as you write and readers win, feedback will come: comments, mails, questions, etc. Open your eyes, for all that your readers give you. It’s worth gold. On the one hand to write even more what your readers need and on the other hand, and step by step also think of it, so as to make money. Direct questions from your readers or reader surveys initiated by you are the best way to recognize what your reader is really burning under the nails and for which they are willing to invest a little money. Because – quite frankly – someone must also pay your rent. Otherwise, your blog will remain a hobby and is not a success with passion.

8) DEVELOP A PRODUCT: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully

If you now know what your readers want in detail, you can deliver them exactly that. Namely, the answers collected, structured and perfectly prepared for them in the form of a digital product. Whether it’s an eBook, an audiobook or a video course is up to you. And one thing in the first place: such a product development and production is really no witchcraft. Listen to my podcast episode “The 1000 Talent of Entrepreneurs”. If you want to know how you rate the price for your product, then listen to the upcoming episode of my podcast. (Small tip in advance: You do not have to be rich with a product immediately. Just one sentence: forget banner ads, Google Adsense & Co on your blog. So you earn money when you have lots of people on your website (100,000 monthly). We do not drive the effort, we do not want many people, but the right ones.
9) SELLING AND STANDING: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
Advertising has been around for many years. Sold products will be thousands of years. We live with both of them day by day. For some reason, however, advertising and browsing are “evil” online through their own website or blog. And some moral instant wants to pretend how “real and honest” selling works online. People buy products day by day.

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People like to buy. With pleasure. If there were TV programs like Shopping Queen? Would we be frustration-shopping if we were bad on it? Would we otherwise “give” ourselves something, and give ourselves to ourselves, if buy in the minds of men would be so evil? I’m not saying consumption is good. I just say that people like to buy products and enjoy themselves with it. Therefore, products sell well. Therefore, your products on your website is selling well. And makes fun. You and your customers. Do it. (But please: Do not constantly “I want to be rich” in the head, because your customers)

10) LEARNING, REFLECTING AND GOING BACK TO POINT 2: Build The 10 Steps To Make your Business Extremely Successfully
A lifestyle business and a blog is a steady development. Try new things, learn, reject, go on, think, rethink, see success, do more of it, etc. Never lose your base out of your eyes, your niche and the added value for the readers.

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