US Politics- Origin And History

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Hits: 297US Politics- Origin And History, the United States is a federal republic in which the president, Congress, and federal courts share powers reserved to the national government according to its Constitution. Read More

USA Law & FBI- History

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Hits: 295USA Law & FBI- History, the law of the United States comprises many levels of codified and uncodified forms of law, of which the most important is the United States Constitution, Read More

USA- Germany- War History

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Hits: 257USA- Germany- War History, On 11 December 1941, four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States declaration of war against the Japanese Empire, Read More

USA- Most Powerful Nation Around The World

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Hits: 449USA- Most Powerful Nation Around The World, it is the fourth-largest in area and third-largest in population. Countries with greater area than the U.S., such as Russia, have way too much unusable land. Read More

The 5 Best Countries to live in The World

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Hits: 198We all love the place where we belong to but deep in our hearts we all want to see the other places also. We all want to go to other places and want to live the life that people live over there.  We humans always crave for better things in life. Not everyone but Read More

Countries With The Most Number of Illegal Immigrants

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Hits: 181 Illegal immigration is a word that we use a lot without even knowing what does it actually mean. Many people have to escape from their countries due to the worst situations. These situations can be created due to the political conflicts, religious conflicts and sometimes it can also be some regional conflicts. The Read More


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Hits: 14 The Sunway TaihuLight is a Chinese supercomputer that is ranked in the TOP500 list as the fastest supercomputer in the world Read More