Asia’s top 10 safest country to live

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Hits: 1227Hi readers today we discuss world’s largest continent that is “Asia”. Asia is the group of 48 countries, in which some are best some are good according to human index report. But today we talk about the Asia’s top 10 safest country to live. Read More

Pakistan: Origin Of Terrorist

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Hits: 59 Pakistan: Origin Of Terrorist, Pakistan has been heavily scrutinized over the last few decades due to political instability, questions of nuclear surety, civil violence, terrorism, religious extremism and its contentious relationship with neighboring countries. Read More

Seoul: Developed City With Advanced Technology

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Hits: 138Seoul: Developed City With Advanced Technology. When we talk about Korean first thing come in our mind is Kim Jong UN but when we just put another word the set is changed that another word is south yeah i am talking about South Korea the country is developed and advance in Read More

Bahrain: World Trade Center

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Hits: 64Bahrain: World Trade Center. Bahrain is renowned for its verdant groves of date palms. Bahrain Island is widely believed to be the site of the ancient kingdom of Dilmun. Read More

Latvia: Group of Beaches

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Hits: 13Latvia: Group of Beaches. Republic of Latvia is a country in northern Europe  and one of the state of three Baltic states. Capital of Latvia is Rigga and it is also the most developed city of Latvia. Latvia is a country who gave the world its first spy cam, Denim jeans and many more. Read More

Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

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Hits: 26Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize, when we think about Norway first thing comes in our mind is Noble prize of Course most of us know about Noble but beside this there is lots of interesting things Read More

Most uneducated countries in the world

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Hits: 1859Hi readers today we see some most uneducated countries in the World. There are many reasons to became these countries to stand least at literate rate, due to poverty, unlawful, civil war and many more. Education is the main thing that builds a community with in the whole country. Schools and universities are responsible Read More

Corruption Damage The Backbone Of Country

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Hits: 64Corruption defined as an abuse of public power for private benefit. Corruption reduces overall economic growth and output due to inefficient allocation of public and private resources. let us see most corrupted countries around the globe.   Somalia: Somalia ranks among the world’s most corrupt countries. Insecurity is also a major issue; the ongoing Read More