Causes Of Life During World War II

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Causes Of Life During World War II begins on On 1 September 1939, Britain and Europe waged war to respond to Germany’s growing power. At the beginning of the war which was at a small level, the world became part of it.

100 million people from 30 countries became part of this war. This war is considered to be the most destructive war till date. If all types of weapons were used, then the world had experienced the atomic attack for the first time.

Causes Of Life During World War II where lots of fatality came under this war

World War II was a world-class war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, where Causes Of Life During World War II going on at the land-air forces of nearly 70 countries were involved in this war. In this war the world was divided into two parts – the Allies and the Axis nation.
During this war, the mind of the whole war came into vogue because all the great powers engaged in this war had shed their economic, industrial and scientific capabilities in this war. About 100 million soldiers from various nations took part in this war, and it proved to be the most fatal war of human history. Causes Of Life During World War II is only causes due to selfrespect.

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In this World War 5 to 7 crore people lost their lives because of its important developments in the genocide of civilians – including the only use of the Holocaust and nuclear weapons. The important facts related to World War II are:

♦ World War II started in September 1, 1939.

♦ This war ended in 2 September 1945 AD.

♦ 61 countries participated in World War II.    

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♦ Germany’s invasion of Poland was the immediate reason for the war.

♦ During the Second World War German General Romley was named Desert Fox.

♦ Munich Pact completed in September 1938 AD.

♦ Germany had violated the treaty of Versailles.

♦  Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles in 1935 AD.

♦ Civil war in Spain began in 1936 AD.

♦ The Versailles Treaty is known as the alleged treaty.

♦ The credit for Germany’s defeat in World War II goes to Russia.

♦ The US used the Atom bomb on Japan in 6th August 1945 AD.

♦ Atom bomb dropped on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities.

♦ The last country to be defeated by the Allies in World War II was Japan.

♦ In the international arena, the United Nations Organization is the largest contribution of World War II.

♦  jointly became the first hunting sparrow of Italy and Germany.

♦  The plan to invade Germany on the Soviet Union was called the Barbosa Plan.

♦ From Germany on 4th June 1940, Italy entered Italy in the Second World War.

♦  America joined World War II on September 8, 1941.

♦  At the time of World War II, America’s President was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

♦  At this time, the Prime Minister of England was the University of Winston Churchill.


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