Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls

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Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls. Estonia is country in Northern Europe. It is bordered by the Baltic sea, Latvia and Russia

There  is numerous of lakes and forests and many rivers, most of them are draining northward into the gulf of Finland or eastward into Lake Peipus, it is also the largest lake in Estonia. Estonia has 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic. In Estonia you’ll see a lot of very sexy girls with bright white blonde hair, also Estonia called “The Land Of Blonde Girls”

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So let’s explore interesting facts about this mysterious little country:

Geographical location

Total area of Estonia is 45,226 sq km smaller than New Hampshire and Vermont combined.

Estonia lies on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. The longest distance from east to west is 350 km and north to south 240 km. Estonia has many islands, the largest one being Saaremaa.

The main ports are Tallinn and Loksa on the northern coast and Pärnu on the west coast.

The country borders to Russia and Latvia.

The climate is similar to the Nordic, with a mixture of coastal and inland climate.


Estonia declared independence from the Soviet Union in March 1990. Soviet resistance ensued, but after recognition by European and other countries, the Soviet Union acknowledged Estonian nationhood on Sept. 6, 1991. UN membership followed on Sept. 17. The newly independent nation embraced free-market reforms. Fueled by foreign investments, economic advances continued. In 2004, Estonia became a member of the European Union as well as of NATO.


Telecommunications, engineering, wood products, textile, information technology, electronics are the major industries of Estonia. GDP of Estonia is $27,310,000,000.

The Estonian currency was the Kroon, but they have joined the Eurozone and Euro is their official currency now.

 Estonia is a developed country with a high-income economy and high standard of living.


The population of Estonia has been decreasing having birth rate of 10.51 births per 1,000 population. The total population of Estonia is 1.3 million because of this Estonia is one of the least population density Europe that is 28 people per square km. Forest of Estonia is keep increasing because of declining in population.


Out of 200 countries Estonia holds rank second in the most educated country in the world with literacy rate of 99.8%. Online voting system was introduced in Estonia. Every school of Estonia is connected to the internet even you can connect your wifi network in forest. Estonia is most libertarian country in the world  according to The State of the World Liberty Project. Estonia is the homeland of Skype, Hotmail and KaZaA.

Tradition Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls

Wife carrying event hosted every  year in Estonia, this event is very close to Estonian people.

Many European countries participate in wife carrying match. The male contestants have to carry their female counterparts and run through the obstacle course in the least possible time.

People Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls

Compared with other European countries, Estonia has a large percentage of foreign-born residents and their children. Only about two-thirds of the population are ethnic Estonians. They are very gentle in nature. The majority of the youth are very open and open to communication.

Atheist Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls

Only 14% of Estonian claim that they believe in god and so we can say this is atheist country or in easy way you can say they that Estonian do not believe in god.


Estonian is the official language of Estonia. Russian is also widely spoken here.

If you want to greet someone in Estonia with a “Hello”, you had say them “tere”. It means Hello in Estonian.

Tourist attraction Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls
  1. Käsmu Captain Village and Maritime Museum:-The coastal villages of Lahemaa are beautiful. In hot summer days it seems as if the life stands still there. You can admire the architecture of the beach houses in peace, give a glance at the picturesque yards and take the time off a little. Only some dogs are lying around in cooler places without bothering even to bark at strangers.
  2. Small Islands in the Gulf of Finland:-The islands of Aegna and Naissaar in the Gulf of Tallinn are a part of the Tallinn coastal fortifications of the fortified naval base of Peter the Great. Today both of the islands are a mixture of the military past and unspoilt nature.
  3. Kaali Crater:-The Kaali meteorite is the last known giant meteorite to have struck a densely populated region. Its at least 4000-year old crater now holds a small lake and is surrounded by a field of smaller craters.
  4. Vilsandi Bird Sanctuary:-The best-known of these is Vilsandi along with its nature reserve. Vilsandi, which is called Bird Sanctuary, is a home and place to stay for a lot of birds, a large number of whom also nest there in summer months

  1. Rusalka :- A monument to tragedy, Big statue on the seaside. Easy to access from Kadriorg park. It can be seen from the bus window on the way to Kloostrimetsätee.
  2. Father and Son’ sculpture:- It is an exotic sculpture which tempts you to have a photo with. It will be interesting for people who like art to do some analysing there.
  3. Linda Monument:- Located near Toompea Hill is Lindamägi(Linda Hill). Folklore says that Linda was Kalev’s(who founded Tallinn) wife. Nowadays it’s important Monument for locals, because of World War II prisoners who were sent to Siberia. Plate under the statute says “To remember the ones who were taken away. Their oppression is screaming towards the sky”


Estonian’s take pride in their love for beer and wine, so don’t be afraid to put up a cheers and make some new friends. There is amazing nightlife just go and enjoy.

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Girls Estonia: The Land Of Blonde Girls

In Estonia you’ll see a lot of very sexy girls with bright white blonde hair. Some guys even claim that there is a higher percentage of sexy white blondes in Estonia than in any other country in the world.Estonian women are quite traditional in their outlook and are interested in getting married.A great place to meet women in Estonia as well as a chance to sample their beauty is to visit one of the many beaches of Estonia.Typically an Estonian woman will look for a man who is approximately 5 – 10 years older than her. She views a man of this age to be more stable and a better financial provider and thus more appropriate as a husband.



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