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How To Create PHP Website Step By Step is the tutorials for beginners who wants to learn web design step by step and aslo learn from video tutorial. This blog based on  modern CSS and HTML 4 based web design, it is the free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP – Build your own website. Build your own website Learn how to make a website and set it up. This site contains different tutorials on how to build a website using WordPress, Joomla.


In this blog we will guide you How To Create PHP Website Step By Step

In this blog you will learn the easiest way to make your first website in php. When we talk about php, it is more difficult to build website.

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But this blog will really help you out to make your dream come true. So let start to make the most beautiful website in php.
In beginning you need to download the html template. What is html template and why need template?? Template is an html page, in which you find your website layout. There are so many template provided on the internet. There are also so many options for the free download. As per your theme you can download the respective html. Html will be in zip format. So you have to extract the html template.
After the extraction, you will copy the folder and paste into the c folder. You will get so many files in your folder, but no need to worry. Sometime you will get only single file, index.php is the compulsory file in all html folder. First you need some files
• Header.php
• Footer.php
• About.php
• Contact.php
• Gallery.php

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These are some files which you want in the navigation of your website, and the content is also available in your html page. If some contact is missing then don’t wry, you can add as per your requirement content.
Open the html file the differentiate the header part.

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Cut the header part from the index file and paste into the header.php. In the begging of the index page you must have to write this code ( <?php include (“header.php”); ?> ).
Same format will be done with the footer section. Cut the footer part from index and paste into the footer.php file. In the end of index.php, ( <? php include (“footer.php”); ?> ), as this code.
Now, if about, contact navigation is also mention in your index file, covert html into php in the same format. Also convert the index.html, hearder.php and rest of your navigation into the header section. You can see your website is running properly in the php format.

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Thanks to read How To Create PHP Website Step By Step.

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