How to upgrade windows 10

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Hi everyone today we give you the proper guidance that how to upgrade your windows 8 to windows 10. Beginning in Windows 10,  Microsoft simplified the options available to you regarding the Windows Update process. Before you install Windows 10 on your computer. You need to ensure your hardware and software is suitable for the demands of Microsoft’s operating system. If you want to install Windows 10 on to SSD drive-this operation may take about 12-14 minutes. For old notebook model upgrade time may take 25-30 minutes.

Here we guide How To Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 10

Microsoft is still offering Windows 10 for free to people who use assistive technologies. All you have to do is visit the Assistive Technologies offer page and click the “Upgrade Now” button to get started. It’ll download a tool that will upgrade your Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 system to Windows 10.
From your Windows 7 or 8.1 device, go to the web page entitled “Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies.” Click on the Upgrade now button. Run the executable file to install the upgrade. Microsoft then displays a series of screens that take you step by step through the set-up process.
You’ll first be prompted to upgrade the PC or create installation media for another PC. Select “Upgrade this PC now” to begin the upgrade process and click “Next”. This begins the download process.
When it finally finishes downloading and unpacking the installation media you’ll be prompted to accept the terms of the license agreement.
By default the installer will select the largest “what to keep” selection it can. If you want to make changes to what it is keeping click the small “Change what to keep.”
  •  Install and launch Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free. And then select “Copy Disk Wizard” in the left panel.

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  • You will be given a welcome page. Click “Next” and continue.
  • Choose the source disk (Disk 1) and then click “Next”.
  • Select Disk 3 as destination disk, and then click “Next”.
  •  Select a copy option in this window and click “Next”. It is worth mentioning that you are advised to tick “Force to align partitions to 1MB” if the target disk is SSD or has got advanced formatting.
  •  At this time Mini Tool Partition Wizard will tell you how to boot from the destination disk. If the source drive contains system partition, you should pay attention to this prompt. Click Finish to go back to the main interface.
  • At the top left corner, click “Apply” to execute all changes. In a while cloning hard drive in Windows 8 should be finished.

Thanks for reading How To Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 10.

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