India and Pakistan

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India And Pakistan, yes India’s and Pakistan’s relationship is the most sensitive relationship in the world. Since my childhood I know the controversies only. The present situation is that Indian and Pakistan relationship is trapped in Kashmir issues.

Now a day Kashmir issue is like cancer for  both the countries. Nobody want to see each other. Now a days both countries are biggest enemy of each other due to only self respect. In this article India And Pakistan we will show you how and why India And Pakistan have always a controversial topics around the globe.

The truth of India And Pakistan

Happy Kashmir

Crying Kashmir

India And Pakistan
India And Pakistan

According to my point of view there are only two solutions which can resolve this issue.

But in present circumstances it is tough to implement. There is also a feasibility issue of my solution.

Before going into depth of the solutions lets study some facts.

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What is Article 370?

According to India Today.

But what exactly is Article 370 and why is the Article so important to keep Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India? Here are 10 facts that explain why:

  1. According to the Constitution of India, Article 370 provides temporary provisions to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, granting it special autonomy.
  2. The article says that the provisions of Article 238, which was omitted from the Constitution in 1956 when Indian states were reorganised, shall not apply to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  3. Dr BR Ambedkar, the principal drafter of the Indian Constitution, had refused to draft Article 370.
  4. In 1949, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had directed Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah to consult Ambedkar (then law minister) to prepare the draft of a suitable article to be included in the Constitution.
  5. Article 370 was eventually drafted by Gopalaswami Ayyangar
  6. Ayyangar was a minister without portfolio in the first Union Cabinet of India. He was also a former Diwan to Maharajah Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir
  7. Article 370 is drafted in Amendment of the Constitution section, in Part XXI, under Temporary and Transitional Provisions.
  8. The original draft explained “the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognised by the President as the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers for the time being in office under the Maharaja’s Proclamation dated the fifth day of March, 1948.”
  9. On November 15, 1952, it was changed to “the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognised by the President on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of the State as the Sadr-i-Riyasat (now Governor) of Jammu and Kashmir, acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers of the State for the time being in office.”
  10. Under Article 370 the Indian Parliament cannot increase or reduce the borders of the state.

According to Zee Media Bureau

As per Article 370, all provisions of the Constitution which are applicable to other states cannot be applied to Jammu and Kashmir unless the state Assembly approves it. However, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and ancilliary matters are an exception to it.

Article 370 grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir and can be revoked only if the new Constituent Assembly of the state approves it.

Separate set of laws are applicable to the residents of the state for property ownership rights, citizenship, inheritance and fundamental rights.

Article 370 states that residents of other states cannot purchase property in the state. However, residents of J&K can purchase land anywhere in the country.

Centre cannot declare financial emergency in the state.

Emergency cannot be declared by the Central government in the state unless the state Assembly approves it.

The Article was drafted by Sheikh Abdullah in 1947, who was then Prime Minister of J&K. He argued that Kashmir was not ready to be a part of the country due to presence of “rebels”.

It is mentioned under Part XXI of the Indian Constitution and was inserted as a `temporary` provision.

According to Wikipedia J&k Constitution


Solution 1.  Removal of Article 370 in Kashmir.

Solution 2. Reunion of India and Pakistan.

Why removal of Article 370 in Kashmir?

According to this law nobody of Non Kashmir citizen can do any social or commercial activities in Kashmir. It is our flute.

Due to this Controversial Article we are losing thousands of lives  every year from both sides.

We know Kashmir is sovereign part of India.

But why we say like this. No Kashmirs want to stay in India. Because they have no love for India.

If all kashmiris and rest of Indian live together and start sharing their thought and ideas Kashmir will again become heaven.

But in present situation kashmiri youths hate Indian administration. They have taken the help of weapons and started killing each other. they are killing their own people who support Indian administration.

Kashmir is always getting special attentions compared to other states in India.But what is the result. The condition is still remains same. As similar to our perception about Kashmir’s issue. Kashmiris have also perception about us. Since their childhood they are seeing Army and weapons around them. They live under restrict rule. we know that our army is there to serve them but just imagine if you will surrounded by weapons and army around all time. How much comfortable you will feel.We can’t blame anyone single handily.

There is again the most controversial issue is that migration of Kashmiris Pandits from Kashmir to the rest part of India and rehabilitation plan of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. Suppose that if successfully rehabilitates Kashmiris Pandits in Kashmir.What will be the level of security we have to provide to them. Recently we heard the news of NIT Srinagar campus.Non Kashmiris students of this campus feel very insecure there.

Why because local think that they are their enemy but the fact is different.

Even the politicians of Kashmir region have different opinions about Kashmir’s issue. Nobody remains or fixed to their opinion.

It is very tough to change the mind sets of people which is builds in decades.  It is not like offer lollipop to child and ask not do this or that.  There are lots of separatist leaders who have invested their whole life in the creation of such a mind set in Kashmir region. They are calling themselves revolutionist but they are terrorist actually. If someone had taken help of weapons and compelling youths to use weapons to fight for their freedom that is very wrong. Why Pakistan called a father of terrorism

Please watch the videos and give your opinion.

India and Pakistan is playing blame game since our freedom. Please try to understand everybody wants peace and freedom. Nobody wants to send their children to become terrorist. Only fact of life is to live in peace and love. But circumstances around us allow us to create such situation. Please don’t get diverted with these situations.

Solution 2: Reunion of India and Pakistan

It is sounds like childishness thought but just imagine if India and Pakistan get together and stand one. No anyone can defeat us. We will be the most strongest country in the world. we have good brains full of intellectuals. But we are wasting our time, money and life in wars and blame games. After all India and Pakistan are piece of same land. we have lots of good stories. Even today their are lots of people in India and Pakistan have relatives across borders.

Please find some favorable videos below

What will happen if India and Pakistan get together

  • Science and Technology
  • The wounds of partition will no longer remain
  • End of the KASHMIR ISSUE
  • Music
  • Hindu-Muslim Harmony
  • Save Money
  • Terrorism
  • A united cricket team
  • Researching together and contributing in the field of science and technology
  • The economic superpower in the world

At the end I only want to say lets finish this story and recreate a new world of peace and harmony.

United India Pakistan and Bangladesh Map at British era in subcontinent. Recreation is the need of present time.

Please give your feedback and comments.

Thanks for reading India And Pakistan

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