Indian Media And Controversial Keywords

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Indian Media And Controversial Keywords, Before starting this topic I want to highlight some most controversial but trending keywords in Indian media.Cow , Beef, Hindu, Muslim, Communalism, Modi, Pakistan, Kashmir, Dadri, Godhra Kand, Kajriwal, Dalits, Kanhaiya,

Umar Khalid, Intolerance, Tolerance, Gay Sex, Ram Mandir,Babri Masjid, Free Speech, Incredible India, Indian Brand Ambassador,  Digvijay Singh, Rap, Strike, BJP, RSS, Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Sonya Gandhi, Amir Khan, Sharukh Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Gau Raksha Abhiyan, Bajrang Dal, Asaduddin Owaisi, Terrorism, Bomb Blast, Temples, Mosque, Church, Ram Mandir,bakra eid, Ram Navami,Suicide of Rohith Vemula, Short skirts, Pakistan Jindabad, Hallal ,Jhatka etc

Indian Media And Controversial Keywords

These keywords are how much popular among Indian just pick one word and drop it in among your friend or group while taking tea or coffee, you will get the result very soon. Everybody has capacity to discuss more then an hour on each topic.


Now a days trending of social media is the most influential media in India. People, political parties, celebrities everyone is using it for easy promotions without knowing what will be the consequences in Indian societies. They are doing it intentionally. Let’s take example of Andra Pradesh student’s Suicide  case of Rohith Vemula, who knows about him before his suicide.

Indian Media And Controversial Keywords
Indian Media And Controversial Keywords


I am not going into the life history of him. But what media and political parties has done. They presented the news in such a way that all political parties, media even common people get involved in the case for getting cheap popularity.

After that blame game started. News channels started telecasting it 24X7 for getting good TRP. Political parties started showing sympathy for dalit student for accumulating their vote bank.


Facebook and twitter is now become the ground of war and blame games.

Indian Media And Controversial Keywords
Indian Media And Controversial Keywords

Please try to understand Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to impress his girl friend. It means Facebook is social or personal platform.

Not a place for creating controversies. If Facebook is writing What’s in your mind? in the status column it doesn’t mean you write shit in it. It is a place for sharing personal feeling with your friends and relatives.

If you really want to spread your opinion among users then do your homework before writing it. Do study about the causes of the matter then give your opinion in the public portal. Half knowledge is more dangerous then knowing nothing.

What Indian people do,  when such controversial topic aroused in social media they also start giving their shit opinion in it. After that trails of comments and reactions started. Lots of garbage notification and so on. Stop writing such type of shits in the social media.

Today India has largest number of youths in world but what is the benefit. If they are not getting jobs they start blaming government. Why don’t they understand it is their problem that’s why they are not getting jobs. They are must lacking in their skills. Indian youths are now a days busy in talking about those highlighted topics instead of development and self development issues. If people start talking about good things in these platform we will definitely become the super power in the world.

It is very shameful thing that educated youths are busy in such discussions. I had a very worst memory of 26th January 2016 parade live YouTube streaming video. I was watching that video, what I have seen there that people were using slang languages in the comments. What educated Indian youths are doing there, it is very shameful. just read the comments in the given video.

In India if you go for promotion of any product it will take months and years to reach people. If you use these highlighted keywords mentioned above it will spread like ablaze.

Lets take example of JNU case Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid they have used these platform and become popular in one night. All the political parties, media started talking about them. How our media channels made them popular in one night it is a remarkable example. What the thinking of Indian people become. The people who were talking shit about our country and they become popular. How disgusted is our political parties that they are standing with those people. If you want to get popular in one night just use these keywords, It is my guarantee that you will become hero in one night.

Lets take example of other burning topics tolerance and Intolerance.  Before coming of these topics in the market even people were not aware of these words. When it came into the market people started googling what is Intolerance. When they find the meaning of this word they started talking about it. On those days Facebook, news channels, news papers were filled with these words. After that Award Wapsi. Sometime I feel to use slang language for those people but is against my ethics.

These keywords are become how much popular that everybody wants to use it either TV channels or website owners. Website companies are using these keywords for search engine optimization. If you use these keywords in your websites it will come first in google search results.


I salute those editors and script writers of news channels who made such a interesting stories. They serve shit in such a nice way that it doesn’t look like shit. How intelligently they made a news of one minute into 1 hr with multiple commercial breaks. I am wondering why they are not getting opportunity in Hollywood.

Why such type of news channels are grooming in our society?

We are responsible for it nobody else. Because we like crime, controversies, raps and scams news with Masala.

Just find the YouTube videos of our news channels. How they dealing with these cases.

Please listen carefully the starting lines of news reader


See how they serve news of any sensitive issue.


What a presentation? Really they deserve awards.

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