Interesting Facts About Christianity

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Formation of christian:Interesting Facts About Christianity, The history of Christianity is one of the strongest in the world | About 2,000-year-old religion founded by Jesus

Christ. like all religions, even Christianity also some of the important festivals and religious events.

Interesting Facts About Christianity

Christian’s population all over the globe : Approximately 2.01 billion Christians live all over the globe,and it is the largest population in the history of worldAbout christian: Christianity (Christianity) to be considered the world’s largest religion. The religion of Jesus to execute statements history is full of interesting events and motivational messages. Many tortured for his dominance of the religious right and the world today is one of the most known religions. Supreme abiding humanity a major reason for the popularity of Christianity is its flexibility.History of christian : Jesus Christ born in 6 BC. During his lifetime JESUS CHRIST dream of spreading Christianity throughout the world. People become follow his path by seen his faith in God and humanity.

In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the Son of God assumed. At the time of the birth of Christ the Jews were subject to the Roman Empire and were anxious for their freedom. But soon became a light both to the Jews of Jesus’s life. Help the poor, he soon became popular among the people

Death of Jesus: Jesus had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Even before the crucifixion began, he clearly had physical symptoms associated with severe stress. The night before the execution, his disciples reported seeing Jesus in “agony” on the Mount of Olives. Not only did he not sleep all night, but he seems to have been sweating profusely. So great was the stress that tiny blood vessels were rupturing in his sweat glands and emitting as great red drops that fell to the ground . This symptom of severe stress is called hematohidrosis. Jesus was physically exhausted and in danger of going into shock unless he received fluids (which he apparently did not). This is the man that the Roman soldiers tortured.

Religious palace:

  • Galilee (North Israel/South Lebanon)
  • The Red Sea where Moses parted the sea in order to escape slavery

Major event :


  • Christmas period begins in Mid November / December
  • Christmas or Xmas is celebrated on December 25. In many countries, the event is celebrated from December 25 to January 6
  • before Easter Forty days fast
  • Crucifixion of Jesus as the Good Friday event is remembered.
  • The tradition was resurrected Lord Jesus. Easter verifies the presence of God’s existence in the world. So this day is considered to be highly specific to Christianity
  • In May / June Ascension Forty days after the death of Jesus, ie the arrival of the holy souls is known Pentecostal.
  • The festival is celebrated in the autumn. The crops and thanks is given to God.

Important facts of Christian:Christianity established the by Son of God ‘Christ’

  • Bible is the main book of Christian which has two sections, “Testament” and “New Testament”
  • Jesus spent 30 years of his life as a carpenter in Najarath near Bethlehem.
  • Christmas celebrate  on December 25 the birthday of Jesus Christ
  • Cross is the most sacred symbol of Christianity.
  • Christians believe in monotheism. But the Father and  his son Jesus Christ  treats Holy as Spirit

Books of Exodus: Exodus book was written between 1440 and 1400 BC. The first section of the Bible as well as in many places has been described. Exodus meaning of the word is to departure. The book “Moses”, a character’s life events of Israel belongs to the Egyptian. He emerges as the Messiah of Israel. Moses was God’s messenger of Christianity.

Important term of Christianity:

  • Abba :”Abba”, the term used for God in Christianity
  • Atonement:it is the lesson teaches by Jesus christ
  • Augustine:A prominent pastor and theologian consider as Augustine
  • Christ :The word means Saviour.
  • Christology : The word christology refer the life of Jesus Christ,person,nature and about his studies

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