Interesting Facts About Israel

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Interesting Facts About Israel, Israel is the only country in the gulf whose community is Jewish.It is situated on the edge of Mediterranean and Red sea.

The defense system of Israel is so hi-tech and powerful all over the world,Israel borders is covered with anti ballistic missiles all around the country.Many countries try to attack on Israel but they fail due to the anti ballistic missile of Israel and the intelligence system of Israel is so active in the World.

Interesting Facts About Israel lets read about this country


  • The official name of Israel is State of Israel.

Interesting Facts About Israel

    • Interesting Facts About Israel

    Israel is the country of middle east on Mediterranean and Red sea.

    Israel borders touches the countries,Lebanon,Syria,Jordan,Palestine,Gaza and Egypt.

  • Israel is the  most Jewish community countries in the world.
  • Israel is the most educated countries in the world.
  • Israel got freedom in 1948 from Britain.
  • Interesting Facts About Israel
    Interesting Facts About Israel

    Israel Armed force is one of the best trained Armed force in the world.


    • In Israel it is compulsory for everyone to join military once in his life after completing 18,for male two years 8 months and for girls is two years.
    • Israel have lots of high tech weapons ,which is manufactured in Israel itself.
    • Israel is the most advanced country in south west Asia.
    •  In Israel,Silicon Wadi is an area of multi high tech companies like IBM,Google,HP,Motorola.
    • Canonical is the national folk dance of Israel.
    • The Israel’s museum in Jerusalem is one of Israeli most important cultural institution.
    • Israel has highest numbers of museum in the world.
    • Basketball or football is the most popular spectators sports of Israel,and chess is  also popular game of Israel,and there are many Grand masters in the worlds who are from Israel. Many chess grand master in the World are belongs to  ‎Beersheba city in Israel.
    • Hebrew and Arabic are two officials languages of Israel.
    • Pentium chips first designed in Intel at Israel ,voice mail also developed in Israel.
    • The bank notes of Israel have a braille markings for blind people.
    • Israel have 137 official beaches.
    • Motorola developed its first mobile phone in Israel.
    • The first computer antivirus was created in Israel in 1979.
    • World’s largest pepper is grown in Israel.
    • Israel national bird is hoopoe.

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    • Israel is one of only 9 countries in the world who launch its own satellite,by these satellites Israel control their drones and it never share it’s satellite with other countries.

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    • Cyclamen is the national flowers of Israel.
    • Israel is the mass exporter of flowers to European countries.
    • In Israel there are more trees in 21st century as compared to 20th century.
    • Noam is the most popular babies name in Israel for girls and boys.
    • Israel become the first country who ban on underweight models on catwalks.
    • Saturday is national holiday of Israel.
    • Israel is covered with anti ballistic missile all around its borders.
    • Israel population is half of New York.
    • The Israeli air force is the 4th in the world.
    • Pakistani citizens and Muslims are not allowed to visit Israel.Pakistan clearly mentioned on their passport that this is not valid in Israel.
    • World’s most smallest bible is made in Israel, which is 4.76 millimeter.
    • Government of Israel published the books and one copy of every book keeps in Jewish national university library. In Israel there is only 40 bookstores.  

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  • There is a law in Israel if you are Jewish born in any country you will get citizenship of Israel,and it is clearly mentioned that every Jewish in the word can be a Israeli.
  • Mossad is the intelligence bureau of Israel .Mossad established on 13 December 1949,its head quarter at Tel Aviv.
  • Mossad also protect Jewish community in all over the world.
  • Mossad also famous for intelligence collection ,covert operation and counter terrorism,Mossad directly reports to Prime Minister of Israel.

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