Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

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Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype, Before revealing the purpose of my topic, I want to share one incident with all of you.

It was a chilled December morning of 2015.I usually sit outside my workshop for sunning myself at those days. Akhtar(fictitious name), that’s the name of that guy. Actually I am  confused about his name as we usually call him  ‘Babu'(a calling name).

What the actual mean of Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

He is a two-wheeler mechanic and works at the motorcycle repairing center beside my workshop. On that day, the owner of that shop had came late,so Babu came to my workshop and sat near to me.He was checking something in his smartphone that he had

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purchased a few months ago. Whenever I see a mobile in the hands of the poor section people,I really feel thankful to Mr.A. Raja and 2G scam. If Mr A Raja hadn’t taken bribe on selling the spectrum at cheap rate then, we would not have got a cheap tariff rate and cheap mobile set now.

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

The circulation of mobile phone at large rate is only due to 2G scam, & believe it,it’s true….

Now i am coming to the main point of the incident, Babu started his  conversation with me.

Babu: Bhaiya ,hamare desh me intolerance bahut bad gaya he
(Intolerance has increased a lot in our country)

I was really shocked to hear this.I was thinking,where he got the meaning of this term.Even I, when heard this word  first time, had thought that it is a term of some kind  of gas like CO2 or SO2 which has increased in our environment.

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

Me: Tumhe kisne kaha?
(who told you?)

Babu: Facebook aur whatsapps me hardin iske bare me post rahta he aur news channel me bhi dikhata he.
(Everyday there is a post about it on Facebook and WhatsApp and it is also visible in news channel daily.)

Me: Tum hardin news dekhte ho?
(Do you watch news everyday?)

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

Babu: Ha,main hardin dekhta hu. Jante ho bhaiya iske bare me Shahrukh khan aur Amir khan bhi bola he , aur kuch din pahle iske bare me England ke ek news paper me v chhapa tha.
(Yes, i watch  everyday.Do u know, Shahrukh khan &  Amir khan have also commented on it and  a few days ago,it was also published in the newspaper of England) …

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

Me: Tumhe ye intolerance Facebook, WhatsApp aur news ke alawa aur kahin najar ata he?
(Do you feel intolerance anywhere other than Facebook, Whatsapp or news channels?)

Babu: Nahin.

Me: Aisa hua he tumhare sath ki koi Hindu, Sikh ya Isayi tumhare Muslim hone ke karan apna byke repair nhi karwae ho?
(If it happened with you that a Hindu,Sikh or a Christian had not been repaired their motorcycle because you are a Muslim?)

Babu: Nahin

Me: Aisa hua he ki koi Hindu,Sikh ya Isayi tumhare Muslim hone ke karan tumhe repairing ke paise nhi diye ho?
(If it happened with you that any  Hindu,Sikh or Christian had not paid the repairing charge to you because you are a Muslim?)

Babu: Nahin

Me: To tumhe kaise laga ki hamare desh me intolerance he?
(Then how did you feel  that there is  intolerance in our country?)

Babu: Wo to me Facebook, WhatsApp aur news channels me dekha.
(That I’ve known from  Facebook ,WhatsApp and news channels)

Me: To tum kuch dino ke liye Facebook,whatsapp aur news channels dekhna  chor do,ya is tarah ka post aur news par dhyan mat do, to tumhe ye intolerance ka

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feeling aana band ho jayenga.
(Then  you leave using Facebook, WhatsApp and news channels for a few days or neglect these types of posts and news,then the feeling of intolerance in you would stop.)

I don’t know he leave to use, these or not, but he didn’t complain about it again.

Now let us understand the meaning of this term.

According to the Oxford dictionary, the meaning of  intolerance is “unwillingness to accept view, belief or behavior that differ from one’s own
Again, the question is that from where has this word came, which embarrassed our country in the whole world, been revealed? The argument itself has mushroomed out of two different disturbing trends.The first one is the assassination of  the well-known writer, M.M kalburgi,who was shot dead by a visitor in his residence.He was a critic of idol worship of Hinduism. And the second one is the incident of Dadri, just two hours drive from New Delhi where a Muslim man named ‘Akhlak’ was beaten to death by his Hindu neighbors.

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

And this word got limelight after the numerous writers had returned their prestigious akademi award.

Now,the matter is that  did India become intolerant in the year of 2015? Or was it just a hype which was created by the foreign funded media houses  & the pro-communist intellectual? Or was it just a political stunt which was  succeed in Bihar election?. Here, I am not going to justify about it. I just want  to introduce an another term which is as interesting as the word ‘intolerance’, i.e.Islamophobia, that  came into existence in the Western countries after the 9/11 traumatic event.
According to Oxford dictionary, Islamophobia means “dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force“.

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

So,according to definition, both the terms are approximately same with different names. But let us understand both the terms in a  different way & we will get a big difference in their meaning.
At first, intolerance against Muslims in India means the entire country other than Muslim is not ready to accept the view, belief or behavior of Muslims.

The entire country is presented as a culprit and minority communities as a victim. Here, it is  shown  that Islam is suppressed by the Hindu majority community.
Secondly, Islamophobia in western countries means that the entire population of these countries other than Muslims dislike or have bias to the Muslim due to the fear of Islam.  The entire country is presented as a victim and Islam as a culprit. Here ,it is  shown that people of these countries create violence against Muslims  because they are afraid of Islam.

In order to understand it more vividly, it is rather important  to observe  the existence of these terms on the basis of religious composition of population. And from this we find that where there is a majority of Christian  population, it is presented as  Islamophobia, as for e.g. European countries and America. And where the majority of population is non-Christian,  is presented as Intolerance, for e.g. India and Myanmar. Foreign media, such as CNN and BBC, that was  discussing much about the intolerance in India , has presented the attacks on Muslims after the Paris attack as Islamophobia. It shows the double Standard of these Media houses.

Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype
Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

After 9/11 & the formation of Al-Qaida, terrorist attacks & the attacks on Muslims all over the world have also been increased. And the pace has become faster than before,  after the formation of ISIS. So, attacks on Muslim is not a national  issue now, it has become international. If Western media presents this issue as Islamophobia in their own country, then it should also be represented in India as such or nothing at all.

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Thanks to read Islamophobia or Intolerance or only a Hype

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