Japan The Most Developed Country

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Japan The Most Developed Country. There are many countries in the world, and all the countries have their own characteristics. Today we are going to discuss the most developed countries in the world that is Japan. When we think about Japan than we just create a image of

Japan in our mind about the development of japan, technology of japan, tourist place of japan, religion of japan, culture,food,festivals,people of japan, and many more things which is famous in japan.


Now we start the topic with details Japan The Most Developed Country

Japan is an island(6852 islands in japan) country which is located on the pacific ocean. China, Korea and Russia are the bordering countries of Japan.Japanese people like to called his country Nippon means the land of rising sun. japan’s  population is the world’s tenth largest population in the world. Bodh is the main religion of japan.


Now see the population of japan:

The total population of japan is 127 millions which is tenth in the world.  The four largest populated states of japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, which make up about ninety-seven percent of Japan’s land area.9.1 millions of people are live only in Tokyo and Tokyo is the capital city of japan.


Japan has a constitutional monarchy, headed by the Emperor. The current emperor is Akihito.


Climatic conditions of japan:

japan has a temperate climate.


Economy of japan:

Japan is the most advance technological country in the world. Japan is the fourth largest national economy in the world. The services sector employs 67.7% of the workforce, industry 27.8%, and agriculture 4.6%. The unemployment rate is 4.1%. Per capita GDP in Japan is $38,500; 13.5% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Japan has a large industrial capacity, and manufacture most advanced technologically motor vehicles. Japan is fourth largest export and import country in the world. Tokyo stock exchange is the largest stock exchange in the Asia.


Let us see the Agriculture of Japan:

Only 12% of Japan’s land is suitable for cultivation,Japan is the fourth-largest agricultural product importer in the world.Japan maintains one of the world’s largest fishing column and accounts for nearly 15% of the global catch.


War in  Japan:

Japan’s have fought  many wars  but but i mention some important and famous war of Japan:

World War II

  • Attack on Pearl Harbour
  • Japanese invasion of Thailand
  • Battle of Malaya
  • Battle of Hong Kong
  • Battle of Iwo Jima 
  • Battle of Okinawa
  • Operation Ten-Go
  • Soviet invasion of Manchuria

Nuclear weapons attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during world war II:


On august 6 1945 USA had dropped a nuclear bomb(little boy) on Hiroshima and after 3 days on August 9 USA again dropped a plutonium implosion bomb(fat Man) on Nagasaki during the final stage of world war II. The two bombing killed approx 1,29,000 people.


Japan’s Foreign Relations:

Japan has diplomatic relations with nearly all independent nations and has been an active member of the UN since December 1956.

Japan is the active member of following organisation and countries.

  • G8
  • APEC
  • ASEAN Plus Three
  • East Asia Summit
  • India
  • Australia


Japan’s stilted  Foreign Relations:

  • Russia
  • China,
  • North and South Korea
  • Taiwan


World’s largest industry in japan:

Japan’s industrial sector makes up approximately 27.5% of its GDP. Japan’s major industries are motor vehicles, electronics, machine tools, metals, ships, chemicals and processed foods; some major Japanese industrial companies include Toyota, Canon Inc., Toshiba and Nippon Steel.


Tourism in japan:

Japan is the group of islands and it is the most marvellous country in the world.Japan has 19 World Heritage Sites, including Himeji Castle, Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and Nara. Popular tourist attractions include Tokyo and Hiroshima.

Japan rank 9th out of 141 countries according to travel tourism competitiveness report.




The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, a nuclear plant with seven units,  is the largest single nuclear power station in the world.


Now see some bizzare  points and amazing facts of world most developed country japan:


  • In Japanese, the name “Japan” is Nihon or Nippon, which means “Land of the Rising Sun.
  • Japan has the third longest life expectancy in the world with men living to 81 years old and women living to almost 88 years old.
  • The Japanese eat more fish than any other people in the world, about 17 million tons per year. Japan is the world’s largest importer of seafood.
  • Japan has around 5.5 million vending machines with one on almost every street corner. There are vending machines that sell beer, hot and cold canned coffee, cigarettes, wine, condoms, comic books, hot dogs, light bulbs, bags of rice, toilet paper, umbrellas, fish bait, fresh eggs, porn magazines, and even used women’s underwear.
  • Mt. Fuji. It is the second most popular place in the world for suicides.(1st is USA).
  • The Japanese have a low birth rate.
  • Ninety percent of all mobile phones sold in Japan are waterproof.
  • When Japanese people meet, they traditionally bow instead of shake hands.
  • Japan and Russia still haven’t signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to a dispute over the Kuril Islands
  • Around 25 billion pairs of chopsticks are used in Japan each year.
  • In Japan, black cats are sign of good luck.
  • In Japan, there is an island full of rabbits called Ōkunoshima.
  • The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil.
  • Japan is the largest automobile producer in the world, and the Japanese company Toyota is the third largest automaker in the world.
  • Mt. Fuji, or Fujisan or Fujiyama, is the tallest mountain in Japan at 12,388 feet.
  • The Japanese have more pets than children.
  • Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan.
  • The Japanese avoid the number four because it sounds the same as the word for death.
  • Tall buildings do not have a fourth floor.
  • Tea and sake sets are sold with five cups. Three or five is the desirable number of guests in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. As a rule, odd numbers are preferred over even numbers in Japan.
  • Karate is perhaps the best known martial arts form to have come out of Japan. It originated in China but was refined in Okinawa. It literally means “empty hands” and uses trained movements of the hands, arms, and legs for self-defence.
  • In 1993, Japanese author Yume-Hotaru wrote the world’s first novel written entirely on a cell phone: Maho No I-rando (Magic Island).
  • During world war II ,Kumamoto was the original target of the atomic bomb dropped for the U.S. Air Force.but the bomb dropped on hiroshima instead of kumamoto, because Kumamoto was covered in clouds, and it is invisible for US Air Force

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