Misconceptions about India

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Misconceptions about India is gives you how in this advanced technology we will believe on Misconceptions .India is a country of culture, history and heritage.

India has a rich history and is one of fastest growing economies in the world. India is one such country which is developing rapidly without forgetting its roots. There are many people who know about India but not the all. we will try to enlighten about India.

In the following article we will be talking about Misconceptions about India

Indian language

People often think that there is a language called ‘Indian language’ that the most of the Indians speak. There no such thing, like Indian language. In the northern part of India, most of the people speak Hindi or Urdu whereas in the southern part of India people speak different Dravidian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam etc.


People think that all the Indian dishes are spicy and Indians eat a lot of chillies. Not all the Indian dishes are spicy the food in India can be very spicy like chicken tikka and it can also be less spicy like curd rice. If you want have something Indian but you do not want to have something so spicy then also you can choose from hundreds of dishes.

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There are many people who think that india is very hot and sweaty but let me clarify the weather in india varies from place to place. If you go to rajasthan in north you would probably be having the hottest day of your life but if you go to Kashmir the weather is completely changed you will get to see snow rather than sand.

Country of snake charmers

Many people portray India as the country of elephant and snake charmers. Like all other countries in the world india also has different kind of people. there are a lot of IT engineers and there are elephant and snake charmers as well.

Cow worship

People who do not know much about India often thinks that all the Indians worship cow but it is not like that. Most of the Indians follow Hinduism and are taught to respect every creature on earth but it doesn’t mean that all the Indians worship cows.

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In the above article we talked about the misconceptions about India. We tried to clear the misconceptions about India. Hope you would like our article and appreciate our work. Do not forget to like, comment and share.


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