Most Powerful Countries With Nuclear Weapons and Armies

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Most powerful countries in the world with nuclear weapons and armies.


Nuclear weapons are one of the highly recognized power in the world. Nuclear weapons are those devices which are annihilated for all type of Human beings as well as living organism in no time factors because these are able to destroy whole world in within seconds. In the history of world nuclear weapons are only used by Americans in Second World War on the People of Japan then there effects are still now in that areas. So let us see the most powerful nuclear weapons countries.



Russia is considered as the  biggest nuclear power country in the world. Russia is most  important country in the world which is most famous due to its best quality weapons. This country is the larger producer of weapons in the world because this is also nuclear third power country of the world therefore it has largest number of nuclear weapons in the world which are about 8500.

  • United States Of America:


United States is considered as powerful country of the world. Number one Nuclear power of the world which has almost 7700 Nuclear weapons.

  • France:

France has participated in First World War and also in Second World War, France is known as Nuclear power country because this country has about 300 Nuclear weapons.

  • China:

China is most developed country in the world. It is officially Known as People’s Republic of China, also largest country for making electronics and send this to almost all countries of the world. The country owns nearly 250 nuclear weapons.

  • United Kingdom:

United Kingdom also named a title of a world superpower as defeated Germany badly in World War II with help of its unique technology. UK has 225 nuclear or chemical weapons.

  • Pakistan:

Pakistan occupies sixth position in the world and have 120 nuclear weapons.

  • India:

India has  has purchased third most worlds powerful weapons from Russia. this country has about 90 to 110 nuclear weapons.

Israel is widely believed to be the sixth country in the world to develop nuclear weapons, Israel is also one of the most hated country in the world because of its continuous war with Palestine. Israel has 80 nuclear weapons.

Most hated country in the world.North korea have about 10 nuclear weapons but dangerous country for the people to live.

  • Iran:

Iran has made few Nuclear or chemical weapons for their country, So the Islamic Republic of Iran has now signed the treaty with America for the destruction of the Nuclear weapons. Iran has nuclear weapons but nobody knows how many.


Now let us see Top 10 Countries Largest and Most Strongest Armies in The World:

Military is the defensive and offensive frontiers of the nations. The defense & security of ideological and geographical boundaries is the obligation of and the key concern to an army of the country.The Armies have able to build new nations and to defend the earlier, however it is also necessary in present to fight with the extreme terrorists who destroy the peace from the world.


  • United States of America:


United State is the super power of the world with back support of 1,400,000 troops, and the reserve force is about 1,100,000 to defend their nation. The United States spends a whopping $612.5 billion on the military.


It has 766,000 active frontline personnel and almost 2.5 million on the reserve force. Russia has been a Super Power of the world for a very long period. Russia defence budget is $76.6 billion.

  • China:

2.285 million active frontline personnel and a further 2.3 million reservists, making it the world’s largest land force. China’s defence budget is $126 billion.

  • India:

3.5 million, including 1.325 million active military. The huge size of the Indian military is one of the reasons why it has always remained among the countries with best armies in the world. India is leading the continent to pursue the power and strategic dominance in the region on every front. Its current defence budget is $46 billion.

  • United Kingdom:

It has a regular force of only about 205,000. The defence budget of the UK currently stands at $54 billion.

  • France:

220,000 regular force combines with reservists to form a force of about 500,000. France was also a member of World War II as they were fighting against Germans and their alloys, they also faced too much loss of economy and lives. Its current defence budget is $43 billion.

It maintains a large army of over 640,000 active personnel and 2,900,000 additional personnel in the reserve. South Korea is the most progressive and literate country in the world. Due to heavy threats of war from North Korea and other neighbor countries like China and Japan they are constrained to spend their heavy budget on defense and their armed forces. It spend $34 billion on defence.

Germany is one of the strongest economic forces in the world. German’s have almost leading role in the world’s latest technology as they are dominating the tech world as the world’s costly BMW cars is the production of Germany. Germany fought World War I and World War II with its power and advanced weapons. Germany has only 183,000 active frontline personnel and 145,000 reservists, and its defence budget is $45 billion.

  • Japan:

Japan was the land of Samurais, and Japan was a leading military force in WW-II. It has over 247,000 active personnel and almost 60,000 in reserve. first victim of the nuclear atrocity in the World War II, the Japanese have struggled hard for the recovery and its defence budget is $49.1 billion.

  • Turkey:

In the list of top ten powerful military in the world, Turkey has ranking of number ten with active number of troops about 410,500 with reserve ones about 185,630. Defence budget of Turkey is $18.2 billion


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