Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

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Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize, when we think about Norway first thing comes in our mind is Noble prize of Course most of us know about Noble but beside this there is lots of interesting things

and facts that is very important and knowledgeable in regarding to explore Norway so now here i am going to discuss about the Norwegian culture, tradition, royal life, and of course Noble because  Norway is incomplete without discussion of Noble.

So now let’s begin to read Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

“British baronet may have fathered king Olav of Norway”

Geographical location:

Birth Of Noble from NobelPrize

Norway means ‘path to the north. Norway is Scandinavian country along with Sweden and Finland which is Northern side of Europe.

Norway: origin of Nobel prize:

Nobel prize is a set of international award distributed in different categories.

On 27 November 1895 Alfred Nobel signed his last will to giving his assets to the people who made tremendous work in their respective field  that is physics, chemistry, peace, literature and biology and after that The Sveriges Riksbank Prize(central bank of Sweden) include Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel.

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Fjord: Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

Norway fjords are one of the biggest tourist attraction . Fjord Norway was created by succession of ice age since it is not changed.there are number of place that can heal you.

Along the sides and at the inner and outer ends of each fjord you’ll find small communities and villages, each with its own specialty that reflects its local traditions and what was possible to grow in each place

Trade from Sweden Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

Those Norwegian who living close to Swedish border they travel to Sweden buy their regular groceries ,because food prices in Norway are highest amongst the world.because no doubt that prices are more affordable in Sweden than Norway.the result  that this border trade amounts to roughly US$ 2 billion per year.

                                                Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

Frozen pizza:

Norwegian love frozen pizza we can say that the Grandiosa frozen pizza is the unofficial Norwegian national dish.Each year Norwegians consume more than 20 million Grandiosa pizzas, in addition to all the other frozen pizza brands on the market.


Whale hunting:

Norway’s ‘barbaric’ whale hunt criticized by the entire world,but Norwegians general consider this is to be unfair criticism and an insult to their culture and way of life.Most patriotic Norwegian will patiently explain to the hapless foreigner who have made the mistake of raising the issue, the various ‘scientific’ facts and the necessity for the whale hunt. Mention Greenpeace and Sea Shepherds in this context and see the look of hate start to appear in the eyes of the average Norwegian.

Tv licence:

People who have TV set in Norway have to  pay yearly approximately 300.00$.  if you will not pay than u have to pay hefty fine.

Norwegian Crown princess:

Norwegian royal Crown Princess, Mette Marit, wife of Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon, Hakoon is fame now a days for their royalty. Norwegian royal Crown Princess, Mette Maritwas a single mum when she married Prince Haakon. In a press conference a couple of weeks before the wedding, Mette Marit admitted that she had led a ‘chaotic’ life before she met Prince Haakon. At the time newspaper articles claimed that the Crown Princess had been heavily into drugs and that she had appeared in a private sex tape.

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Brown cheese

Africa: Group Of 52 Countries

Brown cheese is very popular  in Norway,Norwegian like it very much.

Traditional dresses:

Bunad  is traditional dress for Norwegian on Norway’s national day 17th may the street are filled with dressed men ,women and child.The Norwegian Institute of bunad and folk costume estimates that there exists 450 types of bunads in Norway.70% of Norwegian owned bunad.

Reindeer:Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

When you come to Norway must see reindeer you can see them grazing in a field or walking across the road.

National day:Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

On 17th may Norwegian celebrate the national day on this day you are allowed to eat ice cream without any limit.if you want book table for this day in any restaurant than book in advance or you will not find it because this rush in Norway is its zenith.

Girls: Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

They’re simple in some ways. If they like you, you have the best chance on earth they’ll sleep with you and not care afterwards. But if they don’t like you, money and fancy titles won’t mean shit to them, they won’t care.

Currency:Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

The money, bank notes of Norway are called kroner – NOK. The singular form is krone as in en krone (1.00 NOK/1.00 kr). One krone is 100 ore.

Flag: Norway:Origin Of Noble Prize

The flag of Norway is a red with an indigo blue Scandinavian cross fimbriated in white that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark.


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