Rails between Sonipat & Jind

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Rails between Sonipat & Jind, railway track of 81km between sonipat and jind, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today flagged off a maiden train on 81-km railway line between Sonipat and Jind and accentuated on the desideratum to engender infrastructure to promote

magnification and to meet future challenges. Mr Prabhu described Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh “as the magnification triangle of India,” verbalizing regime will pump in investments to further amend railway infrastructure in the region.

Rails between Sonipat & Jind, railway track of 81km

Mr Prabhu verbalized Railways has joined hands with Haryana seeking expeditious execution of viable rail projects in the state in a joint venture model.
The MoU was signed recently between them for constitution of a joint venture entity for development of rail infrastructure in the state, which Mr Prabhu verbalized was going to be the first such state to have this kind of partnership.

“Earlier, Rs. 314 crore were spent on development of rail infrastructure in Haryana, but this has now been virtually tripled,” he verbally expressed.
Railways will join hands with Punjab too to have a JV on kindred lines, Mr Prabhu verbalized.

Mr Prabhu along with Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar flagged off the passenger train via video-conferencing from Chandigarh railway station. Rails between Sonipat & Jind, is the railway track of 81km between sonipat and jind.

Rails between Sonipat & Jind will additionally connect several hinterland villages and urban clusters with 13 railway stations, of which 10 will be incipient railway stations.

Mr Prabhu withal launched a number of other passenger-centric projects through video conferencing. Other projects were incipient Foot-over-Bridge, railway station Sonipat and inauguration of a mechanized laundry in Chandigarh of Rails between Sonipat & Jind.

The laundry will cater requisite of linen for entire Ambala division. Apart from this, substructure stone of coaching-cum-maintenance facilities at railway station, Chheharta near Amritsar was withal laid.

While the substratum stones of adscititious traffic facilities was laid at Chandigarh railway station that of 17 hoists and 10 escalator facilities was additionally laid at different railway stations.

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Apart from this, substructure stones of 37 inhibited height subways in Punjab and Haryana was laid.

While Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, BJP lawmaker from Chandigarh Kirron Kher, Amalgamation Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal were scheduled to be a component of the function in Chandigarh, Mr Prabhu verbalized he had received a message from Mr Badal and Ms Kher verbally expressing they wanted to come but were unable to come due to some reasons.
Mr Prabhu promulgated that work on developing an elevated railway line at Rohtak in Haryana will commence anon. This will be the first such railway line of its kind in the country, he verbalized.

Accepting the authoritative ordinances raised by Haryana chief minister, Mr Prabhu promulgated that work on developing freight corridor at Rohtak, which has already been approved in-principle, will commence anon.

“Our Prime Minister keeps saying we require to further reinforce our railways,” Mr Prabhu verbalized.

He verbally expressed Narendra Modi regime has done more work within a short of span of two years what the UPA could not do in its regime.

“From 4 km of incipient lines which were being laid every day, we have taken it to 8 km, anon it will be made 11 km and we have set a target of making it 19 km in next three years,” he verbalized.

Citing examples, the minister verbalized railways had carried out gauge conversion of 1,528 km between 2009-14, whereas the NDA regime has already carried out 2,828 km of gauge conversion.

Likewise, work is going on to convert unmanned level crossing gates into manned ones across the country.

Physically contacting on railway over bridges and railway under bridges, he verbalized 762 used to be constructed every year earlier, “but now we have incremented the number by 50 per cent more.”

On electrification work, he verbalized, “In 2009-14, 1184 km was done as against 1730 km now.”

Mr Prabhu verbalized desideratum of the hour was to engender infrastructure keeping future challenges in mind.

“Keeping future challenges in mind, what we invest today, its benefits will be reaped in times to come. If we do not work on these now, then we will not be able to face challenges,” he verbalized.

“We require to increment capital expenditure. During UPA time capital expenditure never crossed Rs. 45,000 crore, during UPA-I it was only Rs. 24,000 crore. Last year, we have incremented it to Rs. 93,795 crore,” he verbally expressed.

Mr Prabhu verbalized “we invested amounts in excess of Rs. 24,000 crore, which earlier was mere Rs. 2,600 crore.”

The present Central regime was committed to amend rail infrastructure, and make the peregrination of passengers safe and secure and one which they will cherish.

“In 560 trains you can send a SMS if you do not find housekeeping good,” he verbally expressed.

Responding to injuctively authorize raised by Punjab Minister Adesh Pratap Singh Kairon who was representing Chief Minister Badal at today’s function, Mr Prabhu verbalized, “as many wagons are needed for conveyance of victuals grains, we will make these available.”

In this regard, Mr Prabhu asked Punjab’s Chief Secretary Sarvesh Kaushal to establish a coordination committee so that plan of action is put in place and work gets commenced.

Mr Kairon, who is Punjab’s Aliment and Supplies Minister, had verbally expressed that wagons allotted by the Railways to Punjab for kineticism of aliment grains outside the state are inadequate.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar described Railways as the lifeline of the country.

Mr Khattar verbalized development of railways in the state was being carried out at a rapid pace, and the present regime had sanctioned an astronomically immense number of railway projects for the state, including the incipient Sonipat-Jind railway line.

“An incipient train has been commenced between Rohtak and Hansi at a cost of Rs. 660 crore. During the past 19 months of the present state regime a sizably voluminous number of Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) and Under Bridges (RUBs) have been constructed in the state,” he integrated.

Referring to the verbalization made by former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who has claimed that the incipiently-inaugurated Sonipat-Jind rail line project had been commenced by the UPA regime, Mr Khattar verbally expressed all such projects belonged to the Railways Ministry and were national projects and should be welcomed as such

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