Secure Your Facebook- Follow The 9 Easy Steps

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Secure Your Facebook

Secure Your Facebook- Follow The 9 Easy Steps,
Secure Your Facebook- Follow The 9 Easy Steps,

ok- Follow The 9 Easy Steps , Facebook has become most important part of our life. Now a days most of the people using Facebook.

Secure Your Facebook- Follow The 9 Easy Steps

It’s a place where people interect with their friends and colleague but in our surrounding there are also so many scammers who can attack and hack your Facebook account.

They can damage your reputation or even cost you money. If you are suspecting that your Facebook account has been hacked, at first change your password.

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In this article we will give you some simple and easy tricks through which you can secure your Facebook account.

Log in to Facebook :-

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Type in Your username and password. Never click the option keep me logged in.

If people do so the chances of hacking your Facebook account will be increased. You can click “ keep me logged in” only if u are using your personal computers and any other person not using it.

Make a strong password :-

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Always create strong password that should be difficult to guess. Avoid including your names or common words.Strong password should be of at least 8 characters in length.

A strong password should be contain at least one of each of the following characters:- Numbers,Special characters,Lowercase letters, Uppercase letters.

Never share your password :-

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Never share your password with anyone else because they might logged in mase with your account and put you in trouble.

Never logged in others computer :-

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Never logged in cyber cafe or in other’s computer. Might be he or she can installed Facebook Password Decryptor Software.

Which can hack all your Facebook login information. So be aware of this software. Don’t forget to logout if you are using other’s computer.

Change your password once in every six months :-

This tips is for all your account not just for your Facebook one. If you keep changing your password it is difficult for hackers to hack your account.

Never accept a friend request from people you don’t know :-

Hackers create fake account and send friend request to the people once they friended you they able to know about all your details they may be misuse your account.

If you are out for a vacation and update it in your Facebook through that information they can reach to your home also.

Make sure your email accounts are secure :-

once your email id be known to others they easily know the password of your face book account. It leads trouble for you.

Use up to date antivirus software :-

Antivirus software helps in keep your computer secured by preventing, detecting and removing malicious software.

There are so many free antivirus programs available online, if u don’t have download one and ensure it kept up to date and run scan.

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