The 05 Most Common Misconceptions about Islam

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Islam is peaceful religion and its principles do not allow anyone to harm or hurt someone.There are a lot of common misconceptions of which we are going to discuss The 05 Most Common Misconceptions about Islam which needs to be cleared.  Islam and It’s Guide ‘The Holy Quran’ has always been a matter of concern for the people who do not know much about Islam and has made a wrong perception about Islam.

In the following article we will be talking about The 05 Most Common Misconceptions about Islam.

01 Muslims are Arabs

Most of the people who do not know much about Islam think that all the Muslims are Arabs. Islam is a religion which is found in almost every country in the world. Apart from their religious practices, Muslims from around the world follow their own cultures as well.

02 Virgins’ for martyrs

It is not written anywhere that if you die in order kill someone you will get 72 virgins but it is a very common misconception about Islam which is spread and advertised on a huge scale. A weak and unreliable Hadith which mentions 80,000 servants and 72 wives but no such mention of 72 virgins. Muslims are expected to ignore such unreliable sayings.

03 Children rights

According to Islamic law, children have many rights. One of these is the right to be properly brought up, raised, and educated. Islam teaches people to raise their children in the right manner. When it comes education or health care they must be treated and brought up in the best way. Children must also be treated equally. When giving financial support they should all be the same and there should be no discrimination among them. It is also mentioned that a child is not allowed to get hit on the face by anything larger then a pencil.

04 Jihad is a holy war

It is one of the biggest misconceptions about Islam that jihad is a holy war and people(suicide bombers) died in order to kill other people will be awarded by 72 virgin. Nothing such is written Theb Holy Quran. Jihad in Arabic does not mean “holy war.” It means “to strive, to apply oneself, to struggle, to persevere.” Jihad can be personal or it can be a community of persons struggling against oppression. It means to become closer to God in lifestyle and community.

05 No freedom of religion

Some believe that there is nothing like freedom of religion in Islam allowed for example in many of the Islamic countries people are not allowed to practice any religion other than Islam.The Quran states, that there is no compulsion in religion in no uncertain terms.

There are many misconceptions about Islam of which we talked about The 05 Most Common Misconceptions about Islam. Hope you would like this article and appreciate our work. please do like, comment and share.

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