The Top 05 Coldest Places on Earth

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There are many places on earth where survival of humans does not look possible. Earth is full of shocks and surprises and no one knows what all are hidden in Earth’s womb. The world is full of places with extreme weather conditions. there are hottest places on earth and there are coldest places on Earth. In this article we will be talking about The Top 05 Coldest Places on Earth.

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These are The Top 05 Coldest Places on Earth.

05 North Ice (Greenland)

North Ice was a British research station in the North Greenland Expedition in Greenland. This is the fifth coldest place in the world. -66 Celsius is the lowest temperatures recorded on North Ice. North Ice is located in the northern part of Greenland. 75% of the total area of Greenland is covered by ice, transportation to North Ice is only possible through helicopter, small planes and dog sledges as most of the parts of North Ice is covered by ice. Greenland is also the largest island in the world.

04 Verkhoyansk (Russia)

Verkhoyansk is a city situated in Verkhoyansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia. Verkhoyansk is well known for it’s low temperature and witenesses one of the greatest temperature diffrences between summer and winter. the climate here is dry with a little rainfall and snowfall. the economy here runs really well. there is a river port also in verkhoyansk.

03 Oymyakon (Russia)

Russia is probably the coldest country in the world. Some of the coldest places on earth are in Russia and Oymyakon is one them. People in Oymyakon, Russia faces frigid temperatures like no other place on Earth. Located a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle, Oymyakon is the coldest city on Earth with the lowest recorded temperature of -71.2°C. It was recorded in 1924 by a Russian scientist Sergey Obrychev.

02 Plateau Station (Antartica)

This is second most coldest place on earth.Plateau Station used to be an American research and Queen Maud Land traverse support base on the central Antarctic Plateau. It is inactive now but once it was being used by the United States. The coldest month at the Plateau Station is july, the lowest naturally recorded temperature was -84°C.


01 Vostok (Antartica)

Vostok tops the list of the coldest places on earth with the lowest recorded temperature of −89.2 °C. The temperature is at it’s lowest in august at vostok. vostok station is a research center founded by the soviet union in 1957. The station is at 3,488 metres above sea level and is one of the most isolated established research stations on the Antarctic continent.

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