Top Five list of Longest River Around The Globe

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Hello everyone, today  we discuss about the most longest rivers in the world. A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater which flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake. Perhaps as we know most rivers flow into a larger body of water.

The beauty of Rivers inspired many poets and painters in the past, and now photographers also. So let’s read the five most longest river around the globe.

Top Five list of  Longest River Around The Globe

Amur – Argun River(Length-4444 km)

The Amur River is located on the border of China and Russia and is a major waterway in the northeastern part of Asia. The Amur River is formed by the junction of the Shilka River, which rises in the Russian Federation and the Argun River which rises in Manchuria. It first flows southeast and then northeast and empties into the Tatar Straits. Its chief tributaries are the Sungari River and the Ussuri River, which also forms part of the Manchurian-Siberian border. It is the third longest non dammed river in the world, beside the Amazon and the Lena.


Congo – Chambeshi ( Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Angola)(Length- 4700 km):


The Congo River is a river in Africa. It is the second largest river in the world by discharge and the world’s deepest river with measured depths in excess of 220 m.


Yellow river(Length- 5464 km):

The Yellow River or Huang He is the second-longest river in Asia, following the Yangtze River and the sixth-longest river system in the world. Originating in the Bayan Har Mountains in Qinghai province of western China it flows through nine provinces and it empties into the Bohai Sea near the city of Dongying in Shandong province.

Nile – kagera(Length- 6650 km):

The Nile-Kagera River is one of the tributaries of the longest river in the world, the River Nile also known as Akagera. It is the furthest upstream tributary of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. It runs opposite from most river system. The Nile river passes through ten countries on its journey to the mediterranean sea. The ten countries are Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania ,Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.

Amazon(Length – 6400 km):

Amazon River  also called Río Marañón and Rio Solimões, Amazon River is the greatest river of South America and the largest drainage system in the world. Amazon River is slightly shorter than the Nile River but still the equivalent of the distance from New York City to Rome. Its westernmost source is high in the Andes Mountains, within 160 km of the Pacific Ocean and its mouth is in the Atlantic Ocean on the northeastern coast of Brazil.



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