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Hi everyone today we see some bizarre places around the earth,When we want to escape from our daily routine, we decide to change our environment and So let’s see most  “Weird Places Around The Globe”,

the easiest way to reach this goal is traveling.

Weird Places Around The Globe: Dare to go


1.Hoia Baciu Forest (Romania)

The Hoia Baciu forest located outside the city of Cluj Napoca in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. Hoia Baciu Forest is called “Bermuda Triangle” of Romania. In this forest many people are lost strangely, also many people believe that UFO’S are seen after some duration of time here. Reportedly many people say that there has been some unexplained electrical phenomena here.

2.The Catacombs (Paris)

The Parisians catacombs are a mass graveyards located in beneath the street of the city. Approximately there are 6 million bodies put to rest in the catacombs.The city were built and conceived of  in late 18th century. Some parts of the Catacombs are open for the public. Around the Paris there are dozens of secret entrances.


3.The Mütter Museum (Pennsylvania)

The Mutter Museum is located in the central area of Philadelphia, there are over 25,000 collection of medical oddities. Inside the Museum, you’ll find a wide smattering of abnormal body parts preserved in fluid. You’ll encounter skeletal formations — like that of a 7’6” man — that don’t seem quite possible. Diseased and enlarged organs are tastefully displayed within glass-encased oak frames. Its medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models and antique medical equipment are world-famous here.


4.Cat Island,(Japan)

Tashirojima has a population of one hundred humans who are vastly outnumbered by their furry friends. Originally the cats were encouraged as the island produced silk and mice are a natural predator of silkworms. Local fishermen regarded them as good luck and the island even has a cat shrine, along with newly built cat shaped cabins for tourists to stay in. It goes without saying that there are no dogs allowed.


5.The Great Blue Hole, (Belize)

It was formed during the glacial periods when the water level was significantly lower. The hole was brought to light by Jacques Cousteau who regularly scuba dived there and investigated the hole to mark its depths.This giant hole off the coast Belize is an astonishing 407 feet deep and around 984 in diameter.

6.The Wave, (Arizona)

Of all the mystical cures awaiting the believers in the Arizona dessert, the Wave, a colorful, wavelike, Navajo sandstone rock formation will hold you in the most awe. This pinnacle stands proud of its oddness between the borders of Arizona and Utah and is thought to hail from the Jurassic period.


7.Cano cristales,(Serrania da la Macarena)

Cano Cristales is undoubtedly the world’s most extraordinary river of colors. Between the wet and dry seasons (typically from July to December), the river it bursts into vibrant ruby red blossoms that explode with color and life. The stream itself is overgrown by the macarenia clavigera plant, with contrasting patches of yellow sand, green moss and aqua water running in between.


8.Door to hell, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell is a naturally-occurring gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The fire that’s been burning for over forty years however, did not occur naturally. Soviet engineers were working on the area to extract gas but the ground underneath the rig collapsed into a crater. Fearing that the hole would emit poisonous gases, they lit the cavern on fire hoping the gas would burn out. No such luck forty years later.

9.Blood Falls, (Antartica)

It is located  at the Taylor Glacier, to the east of the Ross Ice Shelf. Red liquid does stream down the glacier, staining the ice in its path, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. The crimson substance is high-salt, iron-heavy, microbe-laden water that’s been trapped beneath the glacier for millions of years. As it reaches the surface it oxygenates, resulting in the rust-colored waterfall.

10.Badab-e Surt,(Iran)

The effect of Badab-e Surt’s water-colored terraces was created by sedimentary rock and water flowing from two unique mineral springs. The combination is quite beautiful—with multiple orange, red and yellow-hued pools in the form of a flowing staircase.


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